Djinn Designs creates custom one of a kind pieces to fit your needs. We specialize in a variety of mediums. Custom Jewelry with your choice of stones, or just silver work, we can create from scratch, or expand on a current piece that you have. Custom Hand-Crafted Knives made to fit your needs, with your choice of style, size and handle type. Renaissance Festival Accessories to complete your garb, a variety of mug wraps, mug straps, skirt hikes, belt pouches, and anything else you may need. Custom Hand-Crafted Guitars for your musical needs. Fire Arts Props for all of your fire arts needs, custom poi, and staffs, hoops, etc. Misc. Other Products, as we do all custom work, it is hard to categorize all of our crafts, we take on any project sent our way, so whatever you may need… We’ll make it for you!

Please keep in mind since most orders we have are custom orders we have a limited amount of display products for sale. If you see something we have previously made that you just love, we can replicate pieces, and make them to fit your style and needs. The photos shown are examples of our work, not actual pieces for sale; unless otherwise noted. We will be working on some inventory items, to place for sale but typically we cater to the specifics that we are given by a customer at the time of the order, and work to make the piece exactly what they have envisioned. Also since the orders are custom please take into account that it can take several weeks to process an order, because they are hand crafted, and made to your specifications.

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Custom Jewelry, Knives
And Other Cool Stuff